Have Cheetah,Will View #509 – “Valentine: The Dark Avenger”(2017)

It is 9:07 pm

If you read my review of “Blackenstein” I shared how I started a new series on my YouTube channel called the Red Bin Challenge.
For this second bin,I fully expected the overwhelming vote to be for a horror classic that I had never seen,The Evil Dead from 1981. Not only did I expected The Evil Dead to be the overwhelming pick but I thought I would lose my fan boy card for 30 days!! While I eventually DID watch “The Evil Dead”,it came after this review was posted.
Because to my surprise it wasn’t the Evil Dead that the viewers voted,it was “Valentine:The Dark Avenger” that everyone wanted us to watch. So that is what Paladin and I did.
I got “Valentine” from my main Family Video store right before they closed it’s doors. I sure have missed Family Video but just as with Blockbuster,I sometimes will find a movie from there when I am film hunting.
So in watching my video review on YouTube,I am learning one thing,that I need to slow down and take my time when doing these. I always try and finish my reviews in under 10 minutes but I can understand why some video reviewers go longer.
When I showed “Valentine” in showing what films folks could vote on, I commented wrongly that the film was a Russian superhero story when it fact it was filmed in Indonesia and was based on a comic book. I think I was so focused on making my film time that I didn’t really “look” at the films I was whipping through. Starting with the 6th Challenge,I decided to lower the amount of films shown so I can talk a little bit about them. For now I want to chat about “Valentine” for a little bit.

This was a complete blind buy for me and I have to say I had great luck at Family Video which is where I bought the vast majority of my new release films. Being that Family Video closed three months ago or so,finding new films like Valentine are going to be a bit harder.
Now if you are into superhero films and action-adventure films,you are going to love this film. I mentioned in my video that “Valentine” was in the vein of “Kick-Ass”but that isn’t entirely correct in its much more viewer friendly and the action scenes are far less bloody.
“Valentine” come across more like “Batman” and “Daredevil” then anything else. While I hope there is a sequel,in most cases its pretty rare for a indie film to get a follow-up movie. A movie like “Valentine” is a great way to meet some new faces to look for when you’re film hunting.

You can buy a copy of “Valentine”from secondary markets like EBay,Amazon or even Shout Factory itself.

What was the last superhero movie you watched or purchased? Leave a comment below!!

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