Have Cheetah,Will View #510 – “Attack Of The 60ft Centerfolds” (1995)

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We are back once again with another Red Bin Challenge review. This follows “Blackenstein” and “Valentine: The Dark Avenger” which I have already covered. For the third Red Bin Challenge yet another film which I would have never thought to be picked ended up winning and this how we ended up watching and reviewing “Attack Of The 60ft Centerfolds”.
While this film is 26 years old,I do remember the hype around it when it was filmed for Showtime. The press was all over it because of one,its a play of the classic sci-fi film “Attack Of the 50ft Woman” which was released back in 1958. The second thing “Centerfolds” was noted was the amount of nudity in it and yeah,they weren’t kidding about that. “Centerfolds” has by far the most nude scenes of any film we have reviewed here on the blog.
But nudity is what you expect from any Fred Olen Ray film from the 90s,the man loves beautiful and wasn’t afraid of showing them off.  But that was then and as tastes changed,so did Fred and he has become a prolific director of Christmas movies and even some thrillers for the Lifetime Network.
In looking back at the cast of “Centerfolds”,for many of the actors involved it represented the high point of their careers. Lead star J.J. North vanished from the screen in 1999. Raelyn Salmaan went quiet in 2002 and Tammy Parks,who later dabbled in adult films for a little while,had the longest career with 47 credits to her name before disappearing in 2005.
The male stars did much better as Ted Monte is still working as is Tim Abell (who was in our fourth review of “Mercenaries“).
The late 80s and most of the 90s saw a lot of films like “Centerfolds”become quite popular on late night cable. Every genre of film that was made of a low budget made sure to have plenty of young starlets willing to do nudity in hopes of moving on to doing bigger.
Movies like “Centerfolds” aren’t really made anymore as nudity in mainstream films is becoming more rare as studios and filmmakers are leery about trotting out young actresses in the era of “Me Too”. Of course Hollywood being Hollywood and running on cycles,who is to say that in another 26 years we won’t get an “Attack Of The 70 ft Centerfolds”?

I found my copy of “Centerfolds” at a recent Dollar Tree sale and you can check your Dollar Tree store or wait til the next sale to pick up your copy of the film. Its an entertaining and fun movie and worth picking up just for its campiness alone. The cast is clearly having fun and the chemistry between the three leading ladies is loaded with sassiness.
I hope you enjoy the video review and if you watch it,please leave me feedback on how I did. Doing videos is new to me and I like to improve my delivery. Do you feel I give enough information or are the reviews too long? Does it help when I do a little added information like I did here? I really could your input……so leave a comment here or on the review itself.

“The Attack Of The 60ft Centerfolds” has a run time of 90 minutes and is rated “R” for nudity.

The cheetah and I both gave this one a thumbs/paw straight up.

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