Dig A Little Deeper – 50 Questions

Its 9:55 pm

There has been a tag going around our community on YouTube. Its called Dig A Little Deeper and it consists of 50 questions,hence the title of this entry.,
Now I have done question tags here in the blogging community as well but of you have read them,you have notice my answers are as dry of burnt toast. Short,clipped answwrs that don’t say very much.  How bad are they? If I was interviewing myself for a “8 Questions” interview,I would have not even bothered to run it….
But I answered these questions after another restless night and I was tired. It was the perfect time to open up and let some honest feelings come out.

I divided the questions into two sections as I was afraid I would be cut off. So I am posting the second part as well.
I look around at my various tribe members and I have to say I am pretty impressed by them all,they have really seemed to to adjust to their grief so much better then I have and I guess that is my fault. Other then doing the live podcast,I have really stuggled this year and I am at a loss why I am regressing and I’m not happy about it.
Maybe its because I am so shutdown and I have not really let much out. I know I am eating and sleeping like poo and I am finding it so hard to just to go outside for any length of time. Maybe I have given in but my brain doesn’t know it yet. I really don’t know. All I know is I had better do something one way or the other.
Here is part two……

The shark’s new name is Brett……all hail the Ouija Shark.

Thanks for your support.

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