Have Cheetah,Will View #513 – “ClownTown”(2016)

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The Horror Corner (we got lost again)

A few weeks ago the cheetah and I were pleasantly surprised to get some mail from our good friend and one of the co-hosts of The Midnight Hour,Hobbs from Hobbs Horror.
Hobbs sent us three films of which Clown Town was included. He wrote that the movie had been made in a town less then a hour away from him and wanted us to check it out for a review.
Since we had good luck in reviewing our first clown film “Clownface“,we decided to give Clown Town a watch as well….

The film opens with a young babysitter watching over two kids,a brother and a sister. She is reading them a story and while the little girl is happy,the boy is silent and sullen. The babysitter settles to two in bed and then gets a phone call saying the parents are going to be late due to an accident. She turns on news to watch what happened when she is startled to see the boy dressed in a clown outfit. She tells him to dash upstairs to bed and he runs upstairs,the babysitter follows and goes to make sure he did go back to bed when she suddenly attacked and killed……15 years pass……

We then meet up with two young couples on their way to a concert. We meet Brad (Brian Nagel) and Sarah (Lauren Compton) along with their friends Mike (Andrew Staton) and Jill (Katie Keene).
You can see they have known each a long time as they laugh and joke among themselves. The couples stop at a diner to get directions as they have gotten lost.
The diner is pretty busy as two workers are finishing up their meal,one eats fast,one slow and they bicker as friends do. The diner is busy as the two couples come to ask for directions.
Jill puts her cellphone on the counter as the waitress begins to give her directions. A burly man appoeaches the group,he tries to offer help but he seems more interested in staring at Sarah’s chest which draws Brad’s ire as he steps into the man. But before anything happens,a local police officer steps in and stares down the unwelcomed stranger. The officer gives the group good directions and they leave.

Meanwhile the burly man starts walking down the railroad tracks,he hears some strange noises and when he investigates,he is brutally killed.
The couples are back on the road and they noticed they still seemed a bit lost. When Jill goes to check the directions on her phone,she realizes she left it at the diner. It has all of her info on so she really needs it. They pull over and use Sarah’s phone to call the diner where in fact they found Jill’s phone. The caller says they will meet with the couple at a location so they don’t have to travel all the way back to the diner. They arrange to meet at a central location,a town called Clinton.
The couples make small talk and slowly become aware that only the caller not come but he led them to a place where there no cellphone service. As darkness falls,they start to see several people dressed as clowns start to appear. They decide to just leave but as they climb back into their car,they realize it has been damaged and they are trapped.
As the clowns start approaching the group,they are seem carrying various weapons.
As the two couples struggle to come up with a plan,they are joined by the two workers from the diner as well as a old man who is slightly off. But he also knows what is going and why Clinton is not the place you want to stranded in and after one of the group is killed in front of the others,they realize they are in for a long,long night……

So was our second clown movie a winner?? Yep…..except that despite some nods to Halloween,Clown Town plays out more as a suspense thriller like a  then a horror film. Its more exciting then scary. And while we do have plenty of victims,our hardy little band deals out as much damage as the killer clowns do.
To tell you the truth,I loved that aspect of ClownTown…there are some wicked kills on both sides which creates a a solid ending and room for a possible sequel that feels organic and not cobbled on the end. Clintion is very interesting and twisted little town.
Clown Town was made by a very close knit group of friends and family. While Brian Nagel plays the leading man Brad,his brother Tom is the director. Several actors in the cast also doubled as crew members as well,this was a total effort and it shows onscreen.
The acting is above average all through the film and I think that is what surprised me the most,most times in films like this,the acting is often sacrificed for make-up effects and kill scenes but Clown Town’s cast is damn good in the telling of its story.

ClownTown has a run time of 86 minutes and is rated “R” for violence and brief nudity.
Special features include of the best cast and crew commentaries I have heard in a while.
You should be able to find ClownTown on Amazon and Ebay.

So far the cheetah and I have enjoyed our clown horror/suspense films and we still have a couple that we have yet to break out!!

ClownTown gets a big thumbs/two paws up from us.  Feel free to leave a comment below!!

5 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #513 – “ClownTown”(2016)

  1. Despite your reassurances, Clown Town sounds more terrifying than exciting–to me. Then again, I’m one of the millions who has clown phobia. Especially scary clown phobia. Ventriloquist dummy phobia…got that too. I think it’s cool, though, that the acting is good. Looks like the makeup’s decent too.

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