Dollar Tree Film Haul

It’s 11:49 pm

Thought I do something a bit different…..I have recent started to post combo reviews here on the blog. A combo review is a mix of a written and video film review. I do a short video and then flesh the review out when I post it here.
I enjoy the format so I decided to expand it by adding my film hauls here as well. Now where as haul videos are pretty popular on YouTube ,I have no idea how they’ll play here on the blog. This could be a huge bust as no one will care what I found or it could be a hit because I do have a few folks who love movies and the weird ones I often find while film hunting at various places.
For this video I am shopping the newest Dollar Tree Sale that dropped. In the collecting community we call these sales “waves” because they often come every 4-5 weeks on a regular basis. The sales are pretty strange to say the least,no stores ever get the same films as other stores do. Some stores get a LOT more films and some stores get zilch as the quanity of supplies a store gets is driven by sales.
Lucky for me the three stores close to my house all get good supplies and 90% of the time I feel I luck out. Of course sometimes I miss out on the current wave’s big prize like season box sets or in a recent case,the complete series of The 4400.  The quality of the films are increasing as well. While before it was the dregs of little seen films and some weird unheard of animation films and series,we are starting to see botique labels such as IFC Films,Wild Eye,Film Movement and Shudder! show up in these sales.  I have found quite a few of these films plus others in recent waves. We also are seeing more and more TV seasons pop up as well. This makes for a lot of chatter among collectors as we all hope to find some media gold for a buck!!
Below is a video on my recent Dollar Tree haul…..let me know what you think either in the comments below or on my channel if this something that you would like to see more here on the blog.

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