Have Cheetah,Will View #515 – “Green Lantern” (2011)

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dark on Oa

I can see some of you doing a double take on my latest review….a full blown DC live action superhero review….but you know what? The cheetah and I have reviewed live action superhero films on here before,both for Marvel and DC. But yeah,I never thought I would see myself reviewing “Green Lantern”either.
But two things really drove me to doing this review…I was tired of seeing Ryan Reynolds shit all over this movie. Now I could understand if he was talking shit about his own performance,he is certainly entitled to do so but when he bashes the whole movie,that includes everyone else who worked on it as well.  So Ryan is wrong in doing that no matter how “cute” it he may think it is.
During my rewatch I have to say that I enjoyed this movie even more then I did the first time.
Director Martin Campbell did one important thing in “Green Lantern” that is overlooked and that is he got a damned good performance out of Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds was restrained,he wasn’t a smart-ass (believe me,that gets old quick) in every single scene, His Hal Jordan was very much the Jordan portrayed in the comics.

Like I mentioned,the biggest mistake that DC did with “Green Lantern” was being way to ambitious with having Parallax as the villain. Its the same mistake that Marvel made with the second Fantastic Four film when they tried to introduce Galactus but it doesn’t take away that “Green Lantern” was a decent origin film. I just think having a more manageable baddie for a origin makes more sense then a cosmic threat.

Going back and seeing Angela Bassett playing Amanda Waller was a treat,I had complete forgotten she had done so,Viola Davis was the second actress to play her in a live action film.
The rest of the cast was fine….wish they could have shown more training on OA and more interaction with the other Green Lanterns.
So while Green Lantern isn’t a perfect superhero film,I have seen a LOT of worse and the cheetah and I both give GL a thumbs/paws staright up.

5 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #515 – “Green Lantern” (2011)

  1. You and hubby have the same opinion about Ryan. He thinks he goes way overboard most of the time. I was sorry to hear that he damned the entire movie instead of just focusing on whatever he may have done or not done well. Booo! I hate my little bubble to be popped, lol. But nice review. He WAS more restrained in this, wasn’t he? No kudos to the director for that, huh?

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    1. Reynolds did a very nice job here,definitely my favorite Reynolds performance so far,I know he gives a fantastic turn in “Buried” but I haven’t seen that one yet. Campbell is a veteran director who has a firm grasp on what he expects and wants from his cast. Reynolds should be praising Campbell and not talking trash.

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