Have Cheetah,Will View #517 – “Triggered”(2019)

Its 11:00 pm

My strange journey with “Triggered” began as it always does with a Wild Eye Releasing film,started out on YouTube as several people dropped reviews on Wild Eye Wednesday including my buddy Hobbs who said “Triggered” was his favorite Wild Eye movie. That made my ears perk up because the last person who said that brought me to watch “House On Cuckoo Lane” which was quite excellent.

Wild Eye
   Then the cheetah and I got a rather cool surprise when our friends Vincent and Becky surprised us by buying a copy of the film and gifting it to us. They too,had watched and really enjoyed the movie and wanted us to have a copy to own and review. 
  So the cheetah and I went ahead and put on “Triggered” and were blown away by sharply written and directed it was by Christopher Wesley Moore. The story of a pair of high school misfits who go to extreme lengths to be noticed is full of laughs,satires and even some truths as well.

 The acting is spot on perfect by Meredith Mohler who plays Caliee,a teen who is offended at EVERYTHING and her best friend Ian played Jesse Dalton who starts to realize that his friend may be slightly insane. Add in a nice turn by horror icon Amanda Wyss (Nightmare On Elm Street) who plays the long suffering Principal Fielding who has secrets of her own. 
   As mentioned in my video review,extra kudos to Moore for actually writing a real role for Wyss instead of doing what far to many low budget horror projects do,have a known name come in for a scene and then use said name on the DVD/BluRay cover to boost sales. Wyss plays a critical role in “Triggered” and shows she has always had the acting chops.

 “Triggered” is rated “R” and has a run time of 90 minutes,special features inclide a Director’s commentary. 
   I do hope you will take a few moments and watch the video review of “Triggered” and let me know what you think of my review. Doing video reviews are much harder then one would think and getting any feedback would be welcomed.
   You can buy a copy of “Triggered” by going to to the website of Wild Eye Releasing.

Meredith is going to be a guest on The Midnight Podcast 27 June on my YouTube Channel
Christopher will appear on 8 Questions with….. on my YouTube Channel 22 July.

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