8 Questions with……film critic Brian Skutle

Its 7:49 pm

So some of you may have heard the news already,I am moving my “8 Questions with……” interview series to my YouTube channel. It seems like a natural step but I don’t think I’m giving up the written ones,there is something to be said about the written word,right?
Our Sunday night show,The Midnight Hour,has really done well and we have started to get some exciting interviews with many horror-centric stars like Sadie Katz,Joe Lujan and screenwriter John Oak Dalton. The more I was booking guests on The Midnight Hour,the more I was moved to to start doing “8 Questions with…..” on my YouTube channel and thus I decided to do so starting this past June.
Many of the interviews I have done on YouTube are with old friends whom you have met here on the blog and I will provide links to those interviews as well.
For my first live interview,I wanted someone who I felt I could completely relax with and just chat about various aspects of film and I couldn’t think of a better person then my friend and professional film critic Brian Skutle. Brian and I have been friends for years and have interviewed each other in the past as well. Quite honestly,I don’t even look at this as a interview,its more of two friends just talking and catching up.

I really hope you will come and take a look at these live podcast interviews. I am very excited for you to meet some old friends like Brian and many new friends as well. If you have a YouTube account,please consider subbing to the cheetah and myself,we could really use your support. 
Plus you’ll be able to know whenever I do a live interview and even partake in the chat once you sub to me. 
  Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment!!

You can follow Brian on his Instagram page by clicking here
You can subscribe to Brian’s YouTube Channel by clicking here

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