Have Cheetah,Will View #518 – “National Anthem Girl” (2019)

Its 3:41 pm

Yikes…..so I just peeked at my June numbers on the blog and realized I had only posted twice in the entire month and that really surprised me and not in a good way. I guess I have been focusing on the YouTube thing a little too much and neglected the blog and my readers. I am sorry about that and definitely will do better.
I have been doing some video reviews on YouTube and decided to transfer them here to the blog. Video reviews are quite different and while I like doing them,I realize that I suck at them as well….*LOL*. I hate my delivery and am appalled by all the mistakes I hear myself making but then again,one can’t get better unless you keep at it and I am planning to keep at it.
For today’s review,the cheetah and I return to a genre that we haven’t covered in a while,the documentary but this one comes with a twist.
Released by Kelly’s Filmworks and written and directed by Jefferson Moore,”National Anthem Girl” details the goal of Janine Stange to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” in every state before the 200th anniversary of the song.
Janine shares her story in her own words as Moore intercuts footage that Janine had gathered during her travels,its a very heart warming story as Janine,while performing at some big pro events,mostly did small venues like high school games,rodeo events and even in radio stations when an event wasn’t available. Besides singing the National Anthem,she also set up a table where people could sign up to send a letter/packages to active duty soldiers. Janine would drive in to the event,set up her table and work it…..she would do interviews if needed,sang the Star Spangled Banner and then back to the table.
One can’t help but respect that not only did Janine did this but she did it out of her own pocket,she was not sponsered in any way,I do think she accepted donations on the grass roots level.

You can find how to order this film by watching the video below. Thank you for watching!


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