Top Ten Horror Subgenres tag

Its 10:32 am

The cheetah and I are sitting in the den,the ceiling fan is on,iced coffee is at the ready and the Thunder Over Michigan airshow is happening. We can hear the F-18 SuperHornets fly over the house and the cheetah merely glances upward before dozing off again.
As you can see by my very long absence,I have been trying to launch a YouTube channel and while it has been very slow moving,it has been moving. Now I have to start sharing with you some of the videos I have been doing and hope you find them somewhat entertaining enough to not only watch but maybe even comment or sub to our channel.
For this video,we were tagged by our friends Rick and Pablo aka Old AF Reviewers whose channel is one of our favorites. Two of the funniest craziest film lovers out there who mix reviews of classic action films with Fear Factor type of antics which will have you laughing your asses off.
Both men are hard working family men as well which makes their channel even more endearing.
For this challenge we were asked to name a film we liked in various horror subgenres…which is hard enough to do with an organized collection but when you have films in crates like we do….yikes,it can get crazy!!
Now you may have noticed a familiar looking co-host and wondering “Where I have seen this shark before”? Well this is Brett Kelly the Ouija Shark . Brett was sent to sent to us as a gift by our friend Derek in a massive care package a while back. We had a naming contest and “Brett Kelly” was the winner which makes sense since Ouija Shark was directed by Brett Kelly!!
The cheetah and I name our top ten horror subgenres in this video and Paladin and Brett get into a tussle as an added bonus.
We hope you enjoy the video and feel free to drop a comment here or on the channel…..

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