Have Cheetah,Will View #519 – “The Craft : Legacy” (2020)

It’s 11:34 am
hot as hell

The cheetah and I have been overjoyed that our local library has opened back up and it feels great to be able to zip down there and browse once more for films. When I brought out “The Craft: Legacy” to watch,the cheetah tilted his head and gave me a “Really,dude?” look but he agreed to watch it with me.
I had watched and liked the “The Craft” when it came out,it was a solid supernatural thriller which achieved cult status and the cast went on to have mostly success in their careers.
Hearing about a sequel that advanced the original story seemed like a slam dunk,especially when it came out that Blumhouse was putting it out and word had that some of the original cast may pop up.

But between a PG-13 rating,a weak story and being released in the pandemic pretty much sealed “Legacy”‘s fate as you will see in my review. Did I did say “my review” instead of “our review”? I did because Paladin sauntered off about 25 minutes into the film and didn’t come back.  Cheetahs and fickle like that!!
There are some pros that I mention in the review,the young cast did the best they could with what they were given with,led by lead actress Cailee Spaeny (Pacific Rim: Uprising) with good support from Michelle Monaghan.
Take a look at the review and then drop a comment telling me if I got it right or if you are a big fan and I got it wrong….either way,we want to hear from you!!

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