It’s 9:12 am

I have really enjoyed being on YouTube quite a bit. One of the cool things I really like is a chance to work together with other creators in showing off fresh content.  Collabs are pretty popular on the Tube and I have been lucky to have found some great folks to work with.
The origins of The IFC Midnight Knights was the result of a happy accident but it almost didn’t happen. Cryptic,isn’t it? Let me explain… of the channels I watch and enjoy thier livestreams is The NightWatch Zone. The NightWatch consists of Night,Night’s brother Kylian and Night’s lady,Coriander. They cover all sorts of genres – horror,action and martial arts among others.
One night while in their stream,Night commented he had watched and loved “A Dark Song”. Well,you know how much I love that movie so I asked Night if he would care to do a collab with me and talk about the movie and he was down for this idea.
While I was looking for a date,Night’s channel went past the 1k sub mark and we went to celebrate as the Nightwatch was doing a episode about Jaws. I caught some of the stream and when I went to leave a comment,Night’s channel was gone!! I mean I was literally there for 20 seconds,went to leave a comment and his channel was gone.
We hoped it was a glitch because Night hadn’t done anyone wrong,no copyright strikes or posting wrongful content and no warnings either,his channel was gone.
It was terrible,imagine signing on to post your new blog entry and it was gone and you had no one to talk to at WordPress to find out why. Well that is what happened here and so all the hard work that Night,Coriander and Kylian was simply gone and we didn’t know if Night would come back but being encouraged by our community,The NightWatch rose up once more.
Soon Night and I revisited our idea of talking about “A Dark Song” but we decided to expand on the idea and cover one IFC Midnight film a month,we added Coriander and our friend Ben aka Cadaver Club who is also part of the Coast to Coast weekly livestream and thus the IFC Midnight Knights were born. We rotate the stream and whoever is hosting also picks the film we will talk about. So far we have covered 4 films and I will share those here during the upcoming weeks. But for now,allow me to introduce the first episode of the show with you here……I really hope you all enjoy it…..


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