Family Video Haul (R.I.P.)

Its 8:14 pm

Time to bring you another installment from my YouTube channel and this is something I haven’t done here on the bliog and that is a haul entry. Haul videos are basically showing what you buy at various stores and shops and for some reason,people love watching them. I like watching the various film collectors who shop various thrift stores,used movie stores like Disc Replay. Of course the ever popular Dollar Tree movie sales. Of course those are somewhat crazy because each Dollar Tree never sells the same movies as the next,what you see isn’t what you always get!
As any long time reader may know,I loved talking about going to my local Family Video stores. I found so many fun films there and also made some friends as well. The pandemic closed the chain down and when they reopened,I was pretty darn happy. So I started filming my haul videos from my video store runs.  The following is the 2nd video I posted on my channel.
Little did I know that Family Video was getting to shut its doors……and it marked an end of a era.

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