Have Cheetah,Will View #521 – “Live Health” (2021)

It’s 1:23 pm

It’s been a while since I wrote an film review just for the blog as I have been doing them on my YouTube channel for the past year or so. But as some of you may have noticed,I have been returning here a little more as of late. It actually feels pretty good to sit and write for a change.
I guess I’m not surprised to see that it took a new short film by our friend,the talented actor Timothy J. Cox to bring me back here as he has a new short film that just came out. Being that we are huge fans of Timothy,I was pretty excited to see this new offering.
“Live Health” gives a day in the life of Dr. Peter Marcus (Cox) who is handling his patients from home via Zoom. Marcus is a psychiatrist and even before the sessions start,you can see he is not quite right. He looks tired and sad himself but as he treats each patient,he focuses his whole attention on each person through their session. 

He helps each patient the best he can but the last patient,a man named Lincoln,is a father whose relationship with daughter is broken. He refuses to see how it got there and has ignored Dr. Marcus’s advice on how to start the healing. He is a narrow minded man who blames others for his eroding relationship and even blames Peter for being part of the problem.
The day ends and Dr. Marcus is once again alone outside in his yard and as he thinks over the day,he knows he is in trouble and heads inside to find his own help……..

I have a friend,a member of my tribe, who I chat with once in a while. I remember one talk most vividly,he was struggling and as we encouraged rach other,I asked him if he had seen his therapist.
He said no,that was looking for a new one. I asked him what happened to the old one,my friend had seemed pretty happy with her. I never forgot when he said that she had killed herself.
Watching “Live Health” brought back that story,the suicide rate of psychiatrists are the highest in the medical field. The pressure of hearing everyone’s broken lives and then not have any way to unlead what you have heard all day because of privacy rules…how long can you do that before you get overhelmed? Cox is excellent as Dr. Marcus,while he doesn’t have much dialogue,his face tells his story as well as any words,its a very strong performance to say the least. 

The rest of the cast does very well with Bob Rutan as Lincoln being the stand-out. Not only did Timothy star in “Live Health”,he and his wife Jamie also directed and produced it with Jamie as DP and editor as well.  The score was done by Matthew Mahler and it is very effective.

This is just another example of how good Timothy Cox really is,he is a hell of an actor and I really enjoyed “Live Health” and at 9 minutes long,this film will stay with you.

The cheetah and I gave “Live Health” two thumbs/paws straight up.

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