Have Cheetah,Will View #522 – “Changing Malcolm” (2021)

It’s 6:54 pm

After not being here for a while,it feels good to be back and to be back reviewing a new horror short film is even better.
“Changing Malcolm” is 10 minute short film about a man who losing not only his mind but his own identity as well to a evilness in him. The question of how and when does a person loses all sense of right and wrong and begins acting out his most brutal thoughts makes for a very interesting character study.
I reviewed “Changing Malcolm” as part of my 31 Days of Halloween (I only made it to Day 18) on my YouTube channel and am posting that review here as well as the short film as well. First is the film…..

This film has about a 11 minute run time so it won’t be a long watch and its also part one of an extended story by writer-director Chadrick Whitmire and features Alex Javo as Malcolm.
The following is my review of the film and I will posting my interviews with both Chadrick and Alex shortly.

Changing Malcolm” should be considered rated “R” for subject matter. We’re looking forward to the next installment and sharing our thoughts on it. 

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