8 Questions with…..Social Media Influencer Kevin Kaye of TuberChat YouTube Channel

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morning and grey

Good morning from the cheetah and I and welcome to an another edition of “8 Questions with…..”.
As some of you may know,I have moved my interview series to my YouTube channel..I made the move about 4 months ago and it has gone pretty well. Each month has gotten more and more traffic and I am starting to land some of the same level of guests as I had here. In fact I have interviewed quite a few of the same folks here on the blog,its been a lot of fun to actually chat with them live.
For our second interview,I reached out to Kevin Kaye who runs the TuberChat YouTube channel. His channel is designed to help small channels like myself grow by meeting fellow creators and supporters,we call channels like this “growth channels” and they can be tricky to run. YouTube is rather anti-friendly to small Tubers and they make it extremely hard to grow a channel,it’s people like Kevin who take it upon themselves to help the whole Tuber community get bigger and he does that by becoming a expert on how YouTube works.
He runs a livestream 4 days a week where he encourages other Tubers to connect with each other and actually get to know each other and not just add people just for the sake of numbers.
But I wanted to know more about Kevin the human and so I asked him to do a interview which he graciously agreed to. I really enjoyed getting to know Kevin a lot better and he is the real deal when it comes to being a really good human being.
In doing these interviews,I noticed that you can watch them but they also play like a podcast/radio  broadcast and that is how I encourage folks to listen to them.
Let me know in the comments section what you like/dislike about doing these interview live instead of written.
But for now…….enjoy this episode of 8 Questions with Kevin Kaye.

3 thoughts on “8 Questions with…..Social Media Influencer Kevin Kaye of TuberChat YouTube Channel

  1. The video wasn’t available on my end. It said it had been disabled by the video owner. Not sure that’s true, though. I’ve been having trouble playing some videos that other people have no trouble with at all.


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