Have Cheetah,Will View #524 – “The Christmas Train”(2017)

Its 8:07 pm
cold and dark

I’m listening to a livestream on YouTube and they are talking overrated Christmas movies,I’m letting it wash over me but when I heard someone (I’m looking at you Martin) mention Hallmark Christmas movies,I had to stick my hand up in the “stop”mode.

   Now many of you already know I not only love Hallmark Channel films but also have reviewed my fair share of them. But for all of of that,I had yet to review my favorite Hallmark Channel film,”The Christmas Train”. Well I decided I needed to fix that and so the cheetah and I settled in on a snowy night and watched it so we could share our thoughts.

   Director Ron Oliver has made a true masterpiece in this adaptation of the David Baldacci’s novel,its no surprise that “The Christmas Train”ranks regularly on annual Top 10 lists of best Hallmark movies. It’s a sure sign of a film’s impact that it becomes part of a annual watch on the level of “It’s A Wonderful Life”,”Home Alone”,”Miracle On 34th Street”,you get the idea. 
   So take a watch of my review and let me know what you think and in the comments,share your favorite Christmas film and your favorite Hallmark Christmas film.

Thank you for reading and watching our review and supporting our blog.

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