8 Questions With…..artist Angela of Morbid Heart Designs

Its 9:00 pm
17 degrees/dark

   Welcome to 8 Questions with…….

So doing a live interview series is a lot of fun and as I write this,we are approaching doing our 100th episode. Doing 3 shows a week (sometimes more,sometimes less) allows a quick build up of past shows and it’s high time to transfer the episodes to here. 
    So today’s guest is the wonderful artist Angela who has her own company called “Morbid Heart Designs” and she is based in the Northwest. She has a website and she also goes to various craft-art shows as well as conventions. I was really excited to get her on the show and she was a tremendous guest and even as of today she still ranks in the top 10 most viewed interview. 
  After hosting Angela and it doing so well,it encouraged me to book more artists on the show and I’ll be happy to share them here. 

I really hope you enjoy our interview and you don’t have to watch this watch the video to enjoy it,you can listen to the interview as a podcast. But do try and watch as Angela creates some of her art as we conduct our interview. 
   Let me know what you think by dropping a comment below or if you have a YouTube channel…consider subbing to our channel. 

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