Have Cheetah,Will View #526 – “The Undead” (1957)

Its 9:38 am
Library Day!!

The cheetah and I are back already…..two posts in one day?? Indeed……we’re about to head off to the library in about 45 minutes. The library has been rather hot the past two weeks so I’m looking forward to seeing how this week will shape up. I have a few titles I am looking for,the main one being “Army Of Darkness”  from the Evil Dead franchise,I can complete the collection if I can find a copy of it. I know its a older film but that is what makes our library a great hunting ground,they get a lot of older horror titles.
So in my past post,I commented how several of our horror community YouTubers have started a series called Dollar Tree Theater and I have decided to transfer my videos here from that series here.
The next film I covered was “The Undead” from 1957. Some of you know that I really like black & white films and have reviewed a few of them here. But there was something different about “The Undead” and that this edition was an episode of “Mystery Science-Fiction Theater 3000”,a show that pokes fun at really cheesy films. 
 This was my first copy of a MSTK 3000 and while I have watched the show before,I hadn’t seen this episode. So I was really surprised when the movie actually turned out to be pretty good and left me wishing I had a copy without the MSTK 3000 treatment. 
  I’m sure this film is in the public domain and so you can watch “The Undead” on YouTube if so inclined.  I am posting my review only…….

I hope you enjoy my 2nd Dollar Tree Theater review and will drop a comment either here or on my YouTube channel. I will be back shortly with another review!!! 

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