Have Cheetah,Will View #527 – “Blood Claws” (2016)

It’s 6:46 am

Greetings!!! Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for summer. Since I posted last,I dicovered that WordPress had unfollowed me from several of my favorite bloggers here. I am thinking that since I have been here FAR less then I should,that my blog was in their eyes inactive.
Well just to let folks know,I am here and kicking and have no plans of going anywhere. Now normally whenever I post here,its a transfer from my YouTube channel and its often months old.
I decided that my newest review needs to go up right away as I feel (and so does Paladin) we needed to share “Blood Claws” with you. Why “Blood Claws”? Why that would be telling!! I think you should zip on over and catch our review and then leave a comment on how daring and dashing the cheetah and I were in reviewing this one of a kind film.

I hope you enjoy checking out our review for “Blood Claws”. Its also been a long time since I posted a Wild Eye Releasing review. Now while they don’t send me films anymore (something about Ouija Mummy not being better The Mummy series),I can always turn to Tubi TV to catch up with their latest releases.
Tubi is owned by Disney and its a free streaming service. No,I am not going the streaming route,I love film collecting too much for that but I will say that watching a Tubi type of streaming service will have you avoid buy terrible piles of catpoo.
Enjoy the review!!

5 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #527 – “Blood Claws” (2016)

  1. Hardly ever see you pan a movie that hard, Michael! I will definitely run in the other direction if I ever see this title come across my screen, lol !!


    1. Some directors truly have a “talent ” for making really bad films…..DF leads the way. But the sad thing is….his casts often pay for working with him as casting directors tend to shy away from giving tem real shots at bigger and better roles.


  2. Great review Patrick 🙂 By the sounds of it, you could probably say that Blood Claws makes Pumpkins look like a John Cassavetes film by comparison 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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