Have Cheetah,Will View #529 – “The Heat (2013)

It’s 8:52 pm 

We’re back!! Did you miss us? We have missed you as well. Its been a very warm summer here in SE Michigan. Paladin the cheetah and I have been enjoying the warm days,the summer has been warmer then average for sure. 
  I thought we would drop another film review from our Dollar Tree Theater series.
Now you guys know the cheetah and I normally avoid reviewing big studio films because they have already been covered by so many folks. But with Dollar Tree Theater,sometimes I will list a film like The Heat for people to vote on.
  Every week I grab three films and have people vote on which film we review.
Plus if they don’t like the movies we pick,they can always vote for Cheetah’s Choice and let us pick what we review. The only rule of Dollar Tree Theater is every listed movie has to cost 1.25 or less (Dollar Tree has raised their prices). and this includes anything donated or gifted to us. 
   We picked up The Heat at the library and while we had watched it when it when came out,this was the first time we watched The Heat since then. We hope you enjoy our review and please drop a comment either here or on my YouTube channel.

Thank you for reading and we’ll see you soon with a new 8 Questions with interview.
Also……which Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock’s movies are your favorite or you would like to see the cheetah and I review? Drop a comment below and we’ll see what we can do!!


2 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #529 – “The Heat (2013)

  1. I love the range of roles Sandra Bullock plays. My comedy favorite “Miss Congeniality, “my favorite action “Speed,” and favorite drama “The unforgiven.” Reviewing any of her movies would make my day.


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