8 Questions With……actor Timothy J. Cox

It’s 4:30 pm

Welcome to 8 Questions with……my ongoing interview series of talking to various artists from around the world.  I started doing live interviews on my YouTube channel and of course you know I had to chat with our good friend Timothy J. Cox.
  As some of you may know,we have reviewed quite a few of Timothy’s films here on the blog and we have have also interviewed him in the written format as well. It was a good time as we chatted about a whole slew of topics. This was our 5th video interview and we really like the format,you can either watch us or listen to the show as a podcast 
  I really have enjoyed doing the written interviews here on the blog and making them live adds a lot of fun and of course more room to ask more questions. 

I hope you like our chat with Timothy and drop a comment and let know what you thought of the show,your feedback is most welcome!!


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