8 More Questions With Actress Kelly Goudie (April)

It’s 11:55 pm
cooler and cloudy

Welcome to another video 8 Questions with…..interview that was on my YouTube Channel. One of the goals when I started to do video interviews was to go back and ask the folks whom I had done written interviews here on the blog to come and do a live interview with me on my YouTube channel. 
  You saw that with my last entry as I posted my interview with Timothy J. Cox  and since I’m posting these video interview in order,our friend and a most talented actress
Kelly Goudie is up next. 
  I am so happy to share this interview with you as Kelly is one of the sweetest persons on the planet and it was a real joy to see her face to face. We talked about a wide array of topics including The Baylock Residence and April and had a lovely chat of which you can now or listen to as a podcast . After you give these a watch or a listen,please consider leaving a comment here or on the channel itself,it would help quite a bit.

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy Kelly as much as we do.


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