About The Inner Circle

My name is Michael and welcome to The Inner Circle. While I have been a blogger for years,it wasn’t until my wife Lori got uterine cancer 2010 that I started writing from my heart. I wrote about her brave struggle against her illness and how we dealt with it. Sadly my light and my soulmate lost her life on 20 May 13. I am writing now to help me cope with life on a daily basis.
Life isn’t easy for me as you would expect. Trying to cope with life on a daily basis is a never ending struggle. Writing is my best way to cope with what has been lost and never will be replaced.

I currently live in SE Michigan and share my life with my pet cheetah (yes,a cheetah) Paladin.

Paladin and I enjoy watching movies together and we also review them. If you are a film maker,studio or Dina Meyer and want your film reviewed,you can email us at mpsullivan01@gmail.com

If you want to drop a old fashioned letter or card or cat treats for Paladin.

Michael Sullivan
45249 Lemont Road
Canton,Michigan 48187

You always send socks as well as we collect them all year round for Sockvember. Sockvember is done in the loving memory of Lori and as of 2017,we have collected and donated 1,012 pairs of socks to several outreaches.

Thank you for reading us and we’ll see you soon!