Summer of ’13

Its 10:13 pm Originally written on 7 May 13. I ran this last year on here as well. Its 7:01 pm Been a long day here….Lori is still in the hospital and is getting ready for one more surgery. The team is going to put in a vent in her side to allow her bowel […]

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Victorious! (10 April 2012)

Its 1:40 pm cold/chilly/memories As April slowly marches on,my memories are taken along with the ride. By this time 7 years ago,Lori Ann was getting so much sicker from the cancer. I was working at Home Depot and then coming home to take care of her,friends would keep a eye on her while I was […]

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Summer of ’13

1:11 am dark/warm This is what I posted on 7 May 13.  Looking back….I can see I was really fucked up,I think I was running around like a chicken who doesn’t know he is dead yet. Lori and I knew she was dying and yet I just didn’t grasp what that really meant,something I have […]

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29 April 13

Its 1:05 am rain I wrote the following on 29 April 2013. This was a nightmare of a week.   Its 9:12 pm Cold rainy day here in SE Michigan…sort of fits our crazy weather this year that is for sure. Like to thank you all for your support of my interview with writer Jan […]

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10 April 13

Its 1:05 am Where I was 6 years ago……which feels like yesterday.   Chilly Saturday night in SE Michigan…..cold and grey,spring is having a hard time gaining a toehold in getting us a little warmer weather. The grass outside is still trying to kick start itself into action but finding the road a little tough…but […]

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5 Jan 2012

Its 2:14 am dark/cold Working on my *8 Questions with….” with Florida based actress Emily Pedone when I had a small snag that I will need her help with. I decided I would share older blog because I’m starting feel the urge to write on a more personal level again,I don’t know if I will […]

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26 March 2013

Its 2:00 am cold/dark Sharing a past post because this is where I’m at today.  Tonight has been a real struggle…. The pastor in this story lost her husband a year after Lori passed. The thoughts that race through your heart knowing your dying wife is planning her funeral Mass. The blood in your ears […]

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Christmas Story

I wrote this on 14 Dec 2009.     Its 2:31 pm DJ and I sitting here beaming warm positive thoughts towards SoCal at the moment for our fellow cat crusader and friend Kylie. My last note I spoke of the gift my wife and I dropped off at our church. Well yesterday found us […]

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