Good-bye Family Video

Its 5:50 pm dusk and cold   As I sit here and listen to the wind howling outside my window,I decided it was a perfect time to say good-bye to my favorite movie hunting video chain,Family Video. I have been shopping at Family Video since late 2016. While the chain has been around my area […]

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Best/Worst Films of 2020

Happy 2021!!!    Before we close the vault door on 2020,the cheetah and I would like to present the top 20 films we watched during the past year. As you may (or not) know,Paladin and I do our rankings a bit different. We only rank what we watched during the year despite when a film was […]

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Have Cheetah,Will View #485 – “Sabrina The Teenage Witch: The Christmas Episodes” (2017)

    As we are rolling into December and Christmas time,Paladin and I both agreed we should post a couple of Christmas themed reviews. While Christmas is a normally big wave time for me,I found myself watching Christmas movies and taking comfort from them.    We have reviewed our fair share of Christmas films in […]

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Top 10 Train Movies

Its 7:57 am rainy/overcast/uneasy During this lockdown,I have seen many people post Top 10 lists on just about anything but one that caught my eye was the top 10 list of movies that involved trains. I posted a list on Twitter but I thought it would make for a good entry too. So I went […]

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Have Cheetah,Will View #411 – “My Adventures With Santa” (2019)

Its 3:03 am dark/cold/where is Hunter Fallow? I can hear you guys now,”Why are you and the cheetah reviewing another Christmas movie in January”? Well….uh…..we love elves? We’re hooked on eggnog? I’m beating the Hallmark Channel in covering Christmas? As it turns out,Sean Cain,a friend of the blog and one of our favorite humans worked […]

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