Belly Button Blues,part 2

Its 9:20 pm coolish So I’m following up to what happened after I went to the doctor (first time in 9 years in my case,but I saw enough doctors between 2010-13 to last 10 lifetimes) for a bleeding belly button. I recieved some antibiotics and started to take them. I was told to put some […]

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Summer of ’13

Its 10:13 pm Originally written on 7 May 13. I ran this last year on here as well. Its 7:01 pm Been a long day here….Lori is still in the hospital and is getting ready for one more surgery. The team is going to put in a vent in her side to allow her bowel […]

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Victorious! (10 April 2012)

Its 1:40 pm cold/chilly/memories As April slowly marches on,my memories are taken along with the ride. By this time 7 years ago,Lori Ann was getting so much sicker from the cancer. I was working at Home Depot and then coming home to take care of her,friends would keep a eye on her while I was […]

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