Paladin : Cheetah Police Officer

It’s 3:57 pm Looking outside at a cold rain falling outside while The Beat Farmers are playing on my Spotify. The cheetah is resting after a hard day of mountain lion hunting in our old town of Northville. Now I know what you are saying…..”MOUNTAIN LION HUNTING”? A few years ago on Animal Planet they […]

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Scottish Folds

It’s 8:56 am Looking outside at a cold brisk morning while the cheetah looks outside and Steve Hartsoe is singing on my Spotify channel.  I had another rough night,January has been kicking my ass memory wise this year,I haven’t shed so many tears or had so many nightmares since right after Lori Ann passed away.  […]

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Back In the Saddle (revisited)

It is 1:27 pm 9 Aug 17 Thought I would revisit another earlier blog I wrote a while ago.  I originally started this blog entry in August of 2012. As I reflect on this entry….I had just posted a great interview with small business owner/designer Evon Cassier. Evon made fantastic purses and was just bringing […]

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Tuesday-Saturday (revisited)

13 July 17 hot/cloudy Looking back at one of my first entries at Blogspot and reflecting a little. Lori had been sick for a year now. I was a month away from starting to work at the Home Depot part-time. In a matter of weeks,Blockbuster would become part of history and in a sense of […]

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The Cup

It’s 1:55 AM It is raining outside….it has rained all day in fact. Today was a weird one…I went to sleep pretty early last night and even woke up as well. But I felt tired almost from the get go and so did the cheetah. He decided he was going to take a nap and […]

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Update (14 Apr 11)

It’s 12:36 am on 16 Apr 17. I’m edgy and restless. My heart is eager to leave now,damn waiting til next year. I want to go now,I miss Lori so much and I’ll miss her more tomorrow then I did today.  What is so bitterly funny about this weekend is it’s Easter. Where we celebrate […]

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