Saying good-bye to my mother

It’s 3:42 pm cloudy/chilly So my mother passed away last week. She had been sick with a whole slew of health problems for quite some time. She lived in Bremerton,Mahington for about 30 years or so,in a small house across the street from the ocean. I visited the house once when my brother Peter was […]

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Belly Button Blues,part 2

Its 9:20 pm coolish So I’m following up to what happened after I went to the doctor (first time in 9 years in my case,but I saw enough doctors between 2010-13 to last 10 lifetimes) for a bleeding belly button. I recieved some antibiotics and started to take them. I was told to put some […]

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The House That Dripped Blood

Its 12:02 pm I am slowly starting to really hate this house.  I guess I have felt that way for a while now. Since we moved into our house in 2006,I have lost my entire family. I have watched Derek Jeter and Paladin kill several mice and what appeared to be a hawk (that was […]

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Silent No More

Its 2:51 pm sunny/hot/humind. This has been one of the weirdest weeks for me in quite a while. I have been incredibly restless and unfocused,I can’t settle down. I owe Christa a interview and I have waffled on it,I had another interview with a new director lined up but because I posted a honest review,he […]

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