Its 2:37 am The cheetah is talking not to me,not this time his feet make a steady rain of “pat,pat,pat” on the glass- the sound is joined in a chorus of ruffling as it carries over to me entering my ears with the low rumbling of a purrcano,building louder and strident casuing me to rise […]

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Thank you

Originally posted on Fictionista:
Hello everyone!  😊 I’ve finally gotten around to posting my response for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I was nominated back in December 2018. I am genuinely pleased that someone took the time to recognize my little writing blog in this big melting pot blog community. Let’s start off by giving thanks…

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I turned off the noise today I wanted to hear the silence,to feel it curl around me Despite being alone,I keep the noise on It covers the jagged flow of pain and longing in my soul One would be amazed just how quietly loud a memory can steal back inside. The only sound I hear […]

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