Wild Eye Unboxing

Its 10:50 am    Just wanted to share this small unboxing video from Wild Eye Releasing. I recently shared with you all about the cool Wild Eye Week that a group of horror fans put together on YouTube. I don’t really have the tech to put together something like 7 filmed reviews that  but was […]

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We got goodies aka Unboxing #2!!

Its 9:47 pm dark/damp Its been well over a year since the cheetah and I received our random box of movies from our friend Lon Lopez. While this is a popular thing to do with YouTube people,we old fashioned bloggers,meaning me,rarely get goodie boxes. So when my friend Pam from All Things Thriller mentioned she […]

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United Nations

Its 10:35 pm night So I am actually taking this gym thing seriously,I have been going on a regular basis for the past month. I cleaned out my freezer of all my fast foods and my canned pineapple which I found out,along with two other of my “healthy” fruits,raisins and bananas are actually bad for […]

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Our First Unboxing!

It’s 9:34 am raining Woke up to birds chirping outside and soft sounds of rain outside my window. The cheetah was sleeping behind my knees,we stayed up til midnight watching a little college baseball…Georgia at Kennesaw State on ESPN. We are so happy that spring training is finally here! I enjoy watching a lot of […]

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