slow blink*

Its 5:14 am morning/snowy/Titans Together Here’s  to a New Year!! The cheetah and I watched “Titans” and ate coney dogs. We got our second snowfall of the season last night which kept the fireworks to a low level for a welcome change.  We hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve and day. […]

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Top Ten Posts for November.

Its 3:43 pm cold/grey/Red Guardian So last month I decided to share which 10 posts on the blog gets the most traffic during a month. Paladin pointed out that this is sort of a like a TV clip show in which a long running series will take a week off and show pieces from past […]

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Top 10 posts for October

Its 12:02 am The cheetah and I watched a double feature tonight and as we did I was thinking that despite a sluggish start to October in terms of blogging,we actually ended up with a solid month of traffic,of course we had our fair share of bot traffic as well and we are really hoping […]

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For Judy and Wayne.

Its 8:52 pm dark/T-storms I don’t really cut loose on here and really haven’t in a long time. I shared Lori and my story and then how I struggle each day. I figured no one really wants to read that and so I started writing film reviews and doing interviews. Light fluffy stuff and I […]

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