Have Cheetah,Will View #194 – “Partitioned Heart” (2017)
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Have Cheetah,Will View #194 – “Partitioned Heart” (2017)

It’s 7:58 pm So I here am mindlessly surfing when I get a message from our friend and many times reviewed actor,Timothy J. Cox. He has sent us a new short film and the cheetah and I are always (well,almost) completely entertained by whatever Timothy sends us. But to our surprise,Tim is acting as a … Continue reading

Guest writer Anthony R. Cardno  – “Rosemary Smiled”
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Guest writer Anthony R. Cardno – “Rosemary Smiled”

It’s 11:00 pm I met my friend,writer Anthony Cardno,through a fellow writer/poet named Brad Beneke.  We have talked for a long time about Anthony doing a guest writer entry for the blog. But between traveling all over the country for his job plus being a professional writer comes first. But as they say,slow and steady … Continue reading