The Cheetah Escapes!! (updated)

It’s 4:22 pm It was a year ago today that one of biggest fears about owning a real cheetah came true: Paladin managed to escape outside because I was careless that “one time”. My hand got mauled pretty good and I have the scars to show for it as well. Paladin,while still curious about the […]

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Oliver’s Story – Part One

 Thought I would transfer this older post from my Blogspot site.  I’ll be running part two of this story later on today. Originally posted on 30 Dec 11.   Its 1:17 pm Old man winter can’t seem to make his mind up about winter….we get some snow and temps in the high teens three days […]

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Back In the Saddle (revisited)

It is 1:27 pm 9 Aug 17 Thought I would revisit another earlier blog I wrote a while ago.  I originally started this blog entry in August of 2012. As I reflect on this entry….I had just posted a great interview with small business owner/designer Evon Cassier. Evon made fantastic purses and was just bringing […]

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Tuesday-Saturday (revisited)

13 July 17 hot/cloudy Looking back at one of my first entries at Blogspot and reflecting a little. Lori had been sick for a year now. I was a month away from starting to work at the Home Depot part-time. In a matter of weeks,Blockbuster would become part of history and in a sense of […]

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3rd round of chemo (revisited)

24 June 17 This blog entry popped up on my FB memories and thought I would post it here….this was our second trip the Infusion clinic that is across from our home. Literally a 5 minute trip from front door to the clinic. All three nurses that helped are no longer there,two transferred to the […]

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Why So Violent (Archived)

7 June 17 2:06 pm Looking outside at a beautiful day,I hear the robins chirping away. It is actually quiet outside,kids are still in school and no there no lawn mowers in action. A gentle breeze is blowing,I can hear it and see the branches of my trees swaying. The cheetah is sacked out in […]

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