It’s 1:41 am insomnia As many of you may know,I lost my mom recently and its been a little rougher then I thought it would be. My brother Phil has been left to settle her affairs and I have been left to try and settle my feelings for as well. It wasn’t until I talked […]

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Saying good-bye to my mother

It’s 3:42 pm cloudy/chilly So my mother passed away last week. She had been sick with a whole slew of health problems for quite some time. She lived in Bremerton,Mahington for about 30 years or so,in a small house across the street from the ocean. I visited the house once when my brother Peter was […]

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The Donut Truck

Its 4:00 pm gray/gloomy/memories I talk to my brother Phil about 3-4 times a week. We talk about everything under the sun and we get a lot of bittersweet moments to reflect on. Every once in a while we travel back the road to where we used to live at – Ontario,Calif. Now while we […]

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Have Cheetah,Will View #378 – “Jonny Quest-The Complete Series” (1964)

Its 11:20 pm warm/dark When I was growing up I watched a lot of cartoons. I really enjoyed the action themed ones like “Spider-Man”, “Space Ghost” and “The Superfriends“. I also enjoyed a show that was different then the others because the adventure lasted the whole show. Other shows would jam 2-3 smaller stories but […]

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20 May 19

Its 6:36 pm hazy While I’m writing this here at home,I composed it at the park near my library. While I doing so,I was being dive bombed by starlings which looked like P-51s without a drop tank. I am supposed to be meeting with someone to start walking. While I’m waiting I’m watching people walk […]

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