A Paladin the Cheetah story

Its 3:37 am dark/warm/windy Most people use or have a alarm clock to help them get up in the morning. I have one as well but I never have to use it. You see,Paladin,my cheetah,is my alarm clock. Every morning for the past couple of years the cheetah has woken me with his meows. Often […]

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Summer of ’13

Its 10:13 pm Originally written on 7 May 13. I ran this last year on here as well. Its 7:01 pm Been a long day here….Lori is still in the hospital and is getting ready for one more surgery. The team is going to put in a vent in her side to allow her bowel […]

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Its 2:37 am The cheetah is talking not to me,not this time his feet make a steady rain of “pat,pat,pat” on the glass- the sound is joined in a chorus of ruffling as it carries over to me entering my ears with the low rumbling of a purrcano,building louder and strident casuing me to rise […]

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