A Paladin the Cheetah story

Its 3:37 am dark/warm/windy Most people use or have a alarm clock to help them get up in the morning. I have one as well but I never have to use it. You see,Paladin,my cheetah,is my alarm clock. Every morning for the past couple of years the cheetah has woken me with his meows. Often […]

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Paladin visits the Vet

Its 11:47 pm cold/raining So I had been noticing that Paladin had picked up a slight cough and so I decided to take him for a check-up and a wellness check while we’re there. I called and made his appointment but because he had a slight cough,I had to bring in through the dog door,I […]

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A Tail of a cat and a cheetah.

It’s 1:01 am dark My brother Phillip called me this evening and as we were talking about baseball and his upcoming trip to India next year,Paladin came flying in from the dining room. He dashes up to the patio door and begins pawing at it. I know he has spotted a domestic cat outside,his fur […]

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