Summer of ’13

Its 10:13 pm Originally written on 7 May 13. I ran this last year on here as well. Its 7:01 pm Been a long day here….Lori is still in the hospital and is getting ready for one more surgery. The team is going to put in a vent in her side to allow her bowel […]

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Oliver’s Story – Part One

 Thought I would transfer this older post from my Blogspot site.  I’ll be running part two of this story later on today. Originally posted on 30 Dec 11.   Its 1:17 pm Old man winter can’t seem to make his mind up about winter….we get some snow and temps in the high teens three days […]

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Thoughts on the Trail….

It’s 1:10 am Looking at a humid overcast day. The cheetah is curled up sleeping on a box in the spare bedroom. We have been having problems with his weepy eye this season,I went to his very and bought eye drops. Paladin has always been a great patient when it comes to taking his medicines,including […]

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