The House That Dripped Blood

Its 12:02 pm I am slowly starting to really hate this house.  I guess I have felt that way for a while now. Since we moved into our house in 2006,I have lost my entire family. I have watched Derek Jeter and Paladin kill several mice and what appeared to be a hawk (that was […]

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For Judy and Wayne.

Its 8:52 pm dark/T-storms I don’t really cut loose on here and really haven’t in a long time. I shared Lori and my story and then how I struggle each day. I figured no one really wants to read that and so I started writing film reviews and doing interviews. Light fluffy stuff and I […]

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8 Questions with………..Combat veteran/public speaker Cornelius Maxwell

Its 5:48 pm sunny Welcome to another edition of “8 Questions with……” When I got approached about conducting an interview with Cornelius Maxwell,I leaped at the chance. While most of my interviews have been in the entertainment sector,my mission statement if you will,has to always talk to anyone I find interesting and I find that […]

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