This was pretty damn cool

Its 10:21 pm dark I just had gotten back from shopping with our family friend Cheryl. We had zipped over to Dollar Tree and then Krogers,she was doing household shopping and dragged me out of the house with a bribe of a iced coffee. So that is what happened and when I came home,I put […]

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Have Cheetah,Will View #56 – “Hello,My Name is Doris” (2015)

It’s 3:02 pm stormy/overcast I first remember hearing about Stage 6/Sony’s “Hello,My Name Is Doris” when the film’s stars,Sally Field and Max Greenfield made a promo appearance on NBC’S “Today Show”. The story of a much older woman pursuing a much younger man seemed quite charming and very sweet. I thought Field and Greenfield made […]

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