A Paladin the Cheetah story

Its 3:37 am dark/warm/windy Most people use or have a alarm clock to help them get up in the morning. I have one as well but I never have to use it. You see,Paladin,my cheetah,is my alarm clock. Every morning for the past couple of years the cheetah has woken me with his meows. Often […]

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Sock Drive 2019 Update #1

Its 3:22 pm sunny Good afternoon…..and welcome to the tail end of Polar Vortex 2019 from SE Michigan. This past week has been beyond brutal as many of you have both experienced first hand and or have read about. For us,we had two snow storms that dumped around 7 inches of snow combined and then […]

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2019 – Year of Socks!!

Its 2:06 pm warmish I got woken up by Paladin this morning. Thinking he wanted treats at this early hour,I got up and headed down stairs. Except he didn’t follow me down. When I turned to see what was the hold up,he had dragged a calendar,a sock and a wash cloth to the top of […]

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Paladin : Cheetah Police Officer

It’s 3:57 pm Looking outside at a cold rain falling outside while The Beat Farmers are playing on my Spotify. The cheetah is resting after a hard day of mountain lion hunting in our old town of Northville. Now I know what you are saying…..”MOUNTAIN LION HUNTING”? A few years ago on Animal Planet they […]

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Of turtles and anniversaries

It’s 9:36 pm Just got home about 30 minutes ago….went for a walk and then cooled down by driving a bit before heading home. So a week ago last Friday my friend Susan and I had made plans to see “Wonder Woman”.  We were meeting her friend and fellow journalist Helene at a local theater. […]

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