It’s 2:39 am On the surface I am alone I live alone I drive alone I walk alone I write alone On the surface I am alone I read alone I sleep alone I dream alone I nightmare alone On the surface I am alone I travel alone I clean my house alone I watch […]

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no fear

  Dreaming underwater,grasping but finding empty coolness In my memories I see your face as the water starts to blur it I am scared of the water of what it means as I see you start to lose form and shape in my mind’s eye But fear still stays away from my heart and soul […]

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“Shards” (20 Apr 16)

I posted this originally on 20 April 2016.   The night sounds like a bomb in my head silent to those who have love and peace shockingly loud to me.. I turn and twist but the shards of loss and memory continue to pierce what is left of my soul. It is harder every day […]

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