Saying good-bye to my mother

It’s 3:42 pm cloudy/chilly So my mother passed away last week. She had been sick with a whole slew of health problems for quite some time. She lived in Bremerton,Mahington for about 30 years or so,in a small house across the street from the ocean. I visited the house once when my brother Peter was […]

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For Judy and Wayne.

Its 8:52 pm dark/T-storms I don’t really cut loose on here and really haven’t in a long time. I shared Lori and my story and then how I struggle each day. I figured no one really wants to read that and so I started writing film reviews and doing interviews. Light fluffy stuff and I […]

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Have Cheetah,Will View #183 – “Three Orlando Nightspots” – Patrick Scott Barnes

It’s 1:02 am cold/snowy I haven’t done a book review in forever here,I had thought about doing them along with music reviews but I decided to focus on just films so I wouldn’t burn myself out.  But when my fellow writer/poet friend Patrick Scott Barnes dropped his third published book of poetry,I knew I was going […]

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