Summer of ’13

Its 10:13 pm Originally written on 7 May 13. I ran this last year on here as well. Its 7:01 pm Been a long day here….Lori is still in the hospital and is getting ready for one more surgery. The team is going to put in a vent in her side to allow her bowel […]

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A Tail of a cat and a cheetah.

It’s 1:01 am dark My brother Phillip called me this evening and as we were talking about baseball and his upcoming trip to India next year,Paladin came flying in from the dining room. He dashes up to the patio door and begins pawing at it. I know he has spotted a domestic cat outside,his fur […]

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Cheetah Treats 101

  It’s 12:19 am Looking outside at a grey day and trying to get my fingers working on this entry. I have hit a block this week. Been trying to write my way through it but it has been hard this year. I have managed to completely avoid all the stores this holiday period other […]

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