3:45 am

  They say opening a soul is like opening Pandora’s Box what comes out stays out and can’t be returned. Funny how I find myself opening my soul and seeing the  same things jump out. I just like to know who is returning the pieces back inside I don’t know whether to thank them or […]

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It’s 9:13 am they say laughter is the best medicine it isn’t but it is a fine band aid for small hurts and uncertain times creating laughter and giving it to those who need it more then anyone would ever imagine the building where is comes from lies like an abandoned bombed out shell of […]

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Have Cheetah,Will View #183 – “Three Orlando Nightspots” – Patrick Scott Barnes

It’s 1:02 am cold/snowy I haven’t done a book review in forever here,I had thought about doing them along with music reviews but I decided to focus on just films so I wouldn’t burn myself out.  But when my fellow writer/poet friend Patrick Scott Barnes dropped his third published book of poetry,I knew I was going […]

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Slam Words 2

It’s 11:15 am snowy I jumped into the Friday night poetry madness that is Slam Words. You get a word or scene and create instant magic or in my case a few sparkles There are a lot of really gifted poets out there,how they are able to come up with some of the wonderful words […]

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Slam Words

It’s 12:25 am Last night I was on chilling on Twitter and watching the tweets on my wall. I saw my friend Susan aka Black Canary drop a short poem with the hashtag SlamWord. Seems like there is a person who does impromptu challenges to various poets and they create instant and magical poetry. Susan […]

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It’s 10:44 pm   The ground is covered in pure white snow beautiful on outside but only outside I am not snow underneath is where I lie cold and frozen where I will be as I slip past this small journey called nowhere. I yearn to see you again to touch you to feel your […]



It’s 9:32 am   Which way should she go..how does she find her way into light,sunshine,freedom which has been taken and controlled by another. The yearning to throw off the darkness is so strong she can feel it in her hands,heart and soul. But where to start,she has been so behind so many masks and […]

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It’s 10:26 pm   How does light shine in the darkest of valleys The pain squeezes out every color,leaving once what bright and good scorched and ruined Life can no longer wants to stay here,its eager to start anew in a warm embrace of what it once knew,where light was the one doing the squeezing […]

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The close of the year is here One last sprint lies ahead one last summer one hollow Christmas without joy peace happiness trapped no more in a box that holds nothing but bittersweet reminders of what was a union of endless love and hope. 17 more go and we’ll be united once again I love […]