Its 2:37 am The cheetah is talking not to me,not this time his feet make a steady rain of “pat,pat,pat” on the glass- the sound is joined in a chorus of ruffling as it carries over to me entering my ears with the low rumbling of a purrcano,building louder and strident casuing me to rise […]

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It’s 2:39 am On the surface I am alone I live alone I drive alone I walk alone I write alone On the surface I am alone I read alone I sleep alone I dream alone I nightmare alone On the surface I am alone I travel alone I clean my house alone I watch […]

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It’s 9:13 am they say laughter is the best medicine it isn’t but it is a fine band aid for small hurts and uncertain times creating laughter and giving it to those who need it more then anyone would ever imagine the building where is comes from lies like an abandoned bombed out shell of […]

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no fear

  Dreaming underwater,grasping but finding empty coolness In my memories I see your face as the water starts to blur it I am scared of the water of what it means as I see you start to lose form and shape in my mind’s eye But fear still stays away from my heart and soul […]

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“Shards” (20 Apr 16)

I posted this originally on 20 April 2016.   The night sounds like a bomb in my head silent to those who have love and peace shockingly loud to me.. I turn and twist but the shards of loss and memory continue to pierce what is left of my soul. It is harder every day […]

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Have Cheetah,Will View #183 – “Three Orlando Nightspots” – Patrick Scott Barnes

It’s 1:02 am cold/snowy I haven’t done a book review in forever here,I had thought about doing them along with music reviews but I decided to focus on just films so I wouldn’t burn myself out.  But when my fellow writer/poet friend Patrick Scott Barnes dropped his third published book of poetry,I knew I was going […]

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Slam Words 2

It’s 11:15 am snowy I jumped into the Friday night poetry madness that is Slam Words. You get a word or scene and create instant magic or in my case a few sparkles There are a lot of really gifted poets out there,how they are able to come up with some of the wonderful words […]

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Slam Words

It’s 12:25 am Last night I was on chilling on Twitter and watching the tweets on my wall. I saw my friend Susan aka Black Canary drop a short poem with the hashtag SlamWord. Seems like there is a person who does impromptu challenges to various poets and they create instant and magical poetry. Susan […]

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