Belly Button Blues,part 2

Its 9:20 pm coolish So I’m following up to what happened after I went to the doctor (first time in 9 years in my case,but I saw enough doctors between 2010-13 to last 10 lifetimes) for a bleeding belly button. I recieved some antibiotics and started to take them. I was told to put some […]

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United Nations

Its 10:35 pm night So I am actually taking this gym thing seriously,I have been going on a regular basis for the past month. I cleaned out my freezer of all my fast foods and my canned pineapple which I found out,along with two other of my “healthy” fruits,raisins and bananas are actually bad for […]

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Rockin’ the trail again

  22 July hot/humid Last Saturday saw me hit the trail again. A couple of weeks ago Susan and I had stretched out our walk to include the ITC Corridor which heads south towards the trails I blogged about here. We walked about 4.30 miles and it was at a good brisk pace. The pathways were […]

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Walking in Westland

It’s 12:53 pm Looking outside at a beautiful day and getting ready to join it. Supposed to hook up with Romey but have a feeling he is still recovering from last weekend’s movie days and he might not be feeling the best. He talked me into seeing the new “The Mummy” at the MJR Westland last […]

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Thoughts on the Trail….

It’s 1:10 am Looking at a humid overcast day. The cheetah is curled up sleeping on a box in the spare bedroom. We have been having problems with his weepy eye this season,I went to his very and bought eye drops. Paladin has always been a great patient when it comes to taking his medicines,including […]

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Cardinals and Sunflowers

It’s 5:03 pm Just got back from walking 2.1 miles at a local park. My legs feel wobbly and I am so happy about that. I ate a apple and feel much better. I am watching DJ Pablo Zertuche tearing shit up in a Facebook live feed as my friend Rick Preston is celebrating his […]

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