8 Questions with………………actress Shanna Toft

Its 12:36 am dark/cold Welcome to another edition of “8 Questions With…….” So recently I got a call from my publicist friend Steve out in California. He and I met a couple of months ago and have worked together on a couple of things. What I like about Steve is that he takes me back […]

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29 April 13

Its 1:05 am rain I wrote the following on 29 April 2013. This was a nightmare of a week.   Its 9:12 pm Cold rainy day here in SE Michigan…sort of fits our crazy weather this year that is for sure. Like to thank you all for your support of my interview with writer Jan […]

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I Sing – WAZ “Hardly Enough”

Its 3:00 pm cool/sunny In watching the TV series “Scrubs” there is one thing that I especially love about the show and that is its soundtrack. Rarely has a show come up with such a mixture of older classics along with some amazing modern bands which were seemlessly blended into each episode to tremendous effect. […]

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