Thoughts on a snowy Sunday

It’s 2:32 am While I am typing out a new entry,I felt like I needed to once again to share post again. Thanks for reading.   Originally posted 17 Dec 11   Looking out at a grey day here in SE Michigan,its lightly snowing and for some reason that has caused my cat to suddenly […]

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What Price Sobriety?

It’s 6:16 pm Was talking to my buddy Romey today and he said that Ben Affleck just released a statement that he recently completed another stint in rehab for alcoholism. Some of fanboys had some idea this was going on because of the various troubles surrounding Ben’s directing the next Batman movie. When the news […]

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Saturday Randomness

Originally posted on 10 March 12. Its 10:55 am Its a beautiful day this morning. Its time to get in a walk,pay some bills,listen to some music and finish reading the Tom Delay book. I also have done something I haven’t done in a very long time…I bought some new(ish) music,our local Dollar Tree got […]

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