Have Cheetah,Will View #483 – “The Luring” (2019)

  The cheetah and I were discussing what film we should cover next and I suggested we revisit our Wild Eye stack which is now down to three films. I said the faster we cover these three films,we would get a chance to review “Ouija Mummy” !!! Man,I never knew I could actually out run the cheetah but when you are terrified,you find the means!!

 So we put on “The Luring” of which you can hear our review which we posted on YouTube.
I just wanted to share a few thoughts here about the film.
    While writer-director Christopher Wells’s story is a little out of control,I have to really praise his cast,I thought all did a great job. The more I thought about this,the more I liked all of them and really am bummed that Well’s script didn’t match the talent that was telling his story.

  Veteran character actor Daniel Martin Berkey as The Stranger is a scene stealer here. As I mentioned in my video review,I thought his character was the most interesting in the movie. We don’t know exactly what his role is,is he encouraging evil or warnings to stay on the path of goodness. Whoever The Stranger is,I definitely feel that Wells should revisit his character,if not in a full length film,then maybe a short film explaining his origins. 

I have noticed one of the most difficult things that first time directors face is when they have to direct their own script,more often or not,I found that this isn’t a good idea based on the films that I have watched over the years. Now while I know many writer-directors can handle the short film well enough,Christopher Wells has quite a few of those under his belt,translating that to a full length film is a completely different animal. There is a big difference between being a director versus a writer-director.
  Its a rare thing that a script is shot in its final draft and re-writes do happen. I think it causes a lot of added stress for a first time director and the film can become a little unbalanced. 


  “The Luring” has a run time of 97 minutes and would be considered a “R” rating.  The only special features are trailers. You can buy “The Luring” by visiting the website of Wild Eye Releasing

The cheetah and I both gave “The Luring” two thumbs/two paws straight up. 

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5 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #483 – “The Luring” (2019)

  1. I never considered that before, how stressful it might be to direct your own material for the first time. Just seeing the trailer, though, it looks really well shot…

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